For Texas Intrastate
Motor Carriers

TxDMV Certificate can now be processed through the Federal Applications Processor for commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) 26,000 pounds or more engaged in intrastate commerce within Texas state lines.

The Online Application option allows your company to apply for a new TxDMV Certificate, or to conduct Renewal of the expiring Certificate, whereas the Certificate Updates assists one to update vehicle quantity and company name change on State and Federal levels.

If you are a UCR paying, non-expiring TxDMV certificate holder, you do not need to renew your TxDMV certificate, but you may opt in to obtain a weather-proof, laminated ID CAB CARDS, identifying your vehicles. As per TxDMV regulation, TxDVM Cab Cards must be kept inside your vehicles at all times for inspection.



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The following entities are subject to the TxDMV Certificate registation regulation : Commercial Motor Vehicles over 26,000 pounds GVWR which operate as For-Hire INTRAstate (*staying within the borders of Texas for business); HazMat vehicles regardless of weight rating, Farm Vehicles that are above 48,000 pounds; Commercial School Buses, Passenger Transport with 15 passengers including the driver; and Household Goods for Compensation regardless of weight (ex. moving company). These entities must register prior to cab card expiration date in order to avoid late penalty or other fees. Furthermore, correct and continuous insurance endoresement must be retained with TxDMV MCCS throughout entire time the CMV(s) are in operation. For more information Click here

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